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UFO humor

Jul 29, 1995 12:16 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Patrick writes:

> Lets see,if space aliens are abducting people (naughty naughty)
then no doubt they need a good spanking to teach them proper
interplanetary civility!.  As a native Texan I'm happy to oblige
-- but alas they always run away from me.  I wonder ......  is a
a sense of humor a part of interstellar relationships?.....

Definitely.  When confronted by someone or something that seems
to be totally alien from yourself and has a higher level of
technology, you need all the sense of humor you can muster.

If you're hankering for an alien connection, why not carve out a
sign in your back forty and ask them to a good ole fashioned
Texas barbecue.  The only problem is, no one knows what or if
they eat.  : - )))

- ann

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