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It's great to be back online

Jul 26, 1995 10:02 PM

Hi, everyone,

I was releaved to get the message that we are back online.  It's
terrible when one becomes so dependant on our computers, yet I
have found the intellectual stimulation of the ongoing
discussions to be a valuable part of my life.

As I have alluded in previous comments, I dream a lot.  Often, my
dreams bring me insight, sometimes they are just dreams.  I want
to share some dream thoughts with you.

Getting on with our discussion of cosmogenesis, our astronomers
tell us that there are two types of supernovas, type two (the
common ones) are huge stars that collapse onto themselves, type
one (the rarer ones) that start as medium sized binary stars,
rotating around each other, that collapse into each other.  The
result is the same.  All the chemical elements we are familar
with are created and released into space.  Of course, the stars
were formed from condensations of cosmic matter, primarily
hydrogen.  The essence of the supernova is recycling of matter.

What happens when so much maatter accumlates that the
gravitational effect is so strong that even light cannot escape?
A black hole.  All right, then, we have giant vacuum cleaners in
space to recycle matter.  Indeed, from inside a blck hole,
looking out, one can imagine a scene just like described in the
first and second stanzas of Dzyan.  From within, the matter and
energy are just waiting, waiting for a burst of energy that tips
the scale so the repulsive subatomic forces overcome the
gravitational forces.

If you have followed me so far, stretch your imagination a little
further, and imagine that the ray of light is a ray of coherent,
lasar like energy, that carries within it the information of the
univeral holographic master plan, millions and millions of bits
of information, each a monad, each with a part of the information
that leads to the organization we know as life.

If you can follow this stretch of imagination, the conclusion is

There is nothing new in the universe.  Furthermore, the teachings
of HPB were about one hundred years ahead of their time.
Hypotheses that may be drawn from this line of reasoning include:
Space is not bounded.  Stars are not necessarily all moving away
from each other (ie.  the universe is not expanding, and it is
okay that with the Hubble telescope our astronomers are finding
galaxies that seem to be colliding with each other.) Defined
local regions of space may be expanding or contracting.  While
"our universe" clearly has life as we know it within its
boundries, there is every likelyhood that there are other
universes with life.  (there are allusions to this possiblity in
the SD when vague references are made to the possibility that
there are other chains of planets during discussions of our chain
of planets.

Dream about these comments, if you please, and share the
resulting thoughts with me.

Love and light, Fred

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