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Re: It's great to be back online

Jul 27, 1995 09:04 AM
by Astrea writes:

> As I have alluded in previous comments, I dream a lot.  Often,
my dreams bring me insight, sometimes they are just dreams.  I
want to share some dream thoughts with you.

Me too, although my dreams tend to be less "cosmic" than yours.
Recently I dreamt there was an original Bible which was really
written by JHVH (unlike the one we've got now), and there was
some possibility of reading it.  NOw I want to try to dream about
what was inside it.

> If you have followed me so far, stretch your imagination a
little further, and imagine that the ray of light is a ray of
coherent, lasar like energy, that carries within it the
information of the univeral holographic master plan, millions and
millions of bits of information, each a monad, each with a part
of the information that leads to the organization we know as

More than just carrying information, it is actually sentient.

> If you can follow this stretch of imagination, the conclusion
is simple: There is nothing new in the universe.

We can worry less about the destruction of civilization the
planet etc,.  because the essence of it will be preserved
somehow, though not in the same form it is now, probably...

Furthermore, the teachings of HPB

> were about one hundred years ahead of their time.

Je suis d'accord.  I've noticed this too.

> Dream about these comments, if you please, and share the
resulting thoughts with me.

Do you think time travel is possible?


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