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Re: Sunbow 5 Journal - Day 29, 7/21/95

Jul 26, 1995 12:56 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

The following was sent by by (Nicholas Weeks).  He
indicated that it might be of interest to the list, and so I'm
posting it.

> > Sunbow 5 Journal: Day 29 - Friday 7/21/95

> > The walkers took a day of rest in Baltimore, beginning to
focus their attention inward more deliberately.  The weather was
hot and humid, as it has been for some time.

> > In the morning a television crew from cable channel 40
visited to learn about the walk, and to interview Tom Dostou and
some of the other walkers.  It went very well.  The walkers hope
to have a copy of the videotape after it is broadcast.

> > In the evening they kindled a sacred fire, and entered the
Metachan (Purification Lodge).  Twenty-eight people -- all the
walkers and several helpers -- formed the circle in the lodge,
where they prayed for the Earth, and for the vision of their
walk.  Ned Pashene poured the water.

> > Later, Esquau (Fire Woman) took coals from the sacred fire.
She will carry and tend the fire from this point along the
Atlantic coast all the way to the Pacific, as she has been
instructed by the Grandmothers on the Manawaki Reserve in Quebec,
and by Grandfather William Commanda.  She will be the Fire
Keeper.  She will also help the women who are on the walk,
teaching them some of the Medicine Ways she has been trained in
through her life, and helping them to keep themselves strong and

> > Four of the walkers began a four-day fast: two men and two
women.  They have asked for prayers that they might have the
strength to fulfill their pledge, not for themselves but for the
Earth and for the Walk.  The intention of their sacrifice is to
purify, clarify, and strengthen the vision of the Sunbow 5 Walk
for the Earth.

> > The Sunbow 5 Walk began on First Encounter Beach this summer
after the Eastern Door had been opened in Cape Spear,
Newfoundland in June of 1993, after the Hopi elders fulfilled on
Nov.  22, 1993 their ancient sacred instruction to carry a
message to the leaders of the world at the House of Mica (United
Nations headquarters), and after the birth of the White Buffalo
Calf in August, 1994.  The Sunbow 5 Walk has come about now, in
the time of the Seventh Fire, with the intention of helping to
unify the many colors and spiritual traditions of humanity, in
support of the Earth.  The walkers are striving to fulfill
another ancient instruction: to carry the ancient peace teachings
of this Turtle Island continent from the East to the West along
the path of the Sun.  They are striving to help light an Eighth
Fire of peace, love, respect, and understanding.  They know they
must do more than talk about the teachings as ideas.  They know
they must live them.  They know they cannot succeed alone.  They
know they need prayers and other help.

> > On Saturday the walkers will go on toward Washington, DC,
expecting to arrive there late Sunday afternoon.  They will stop
in the Washington area to regroup, to build their unity, and
spiritual focus before heading south into Virginia and then along
the Blue Ridge.

> > The house trailer which has just become part of the walk has
already been given a name: "The People's Embassy." It will serve
as the communications headquarters for the walkers.  Along with
the walkie-talkies and CB radios they now have, communications
should soon become easier and clearer.

> > "We must stand together, the four sacred colors of humanity,
as the one family that we are, in the interest of peace.  We must
abolish nuclear and conventional weapons of war...We must raise
leaders of peace.  We must unite the religions of the world as a
spiritual force strong enough to prevail in peace.  We (human
beings) are a spiritual energy that is thousands of times
stronger than nuclear energy.  Our energy is the combined will of
all people with the spirit of the natural world to be of one
body, one heart, and one mind for peace."

> > - Onondaga Chief Leon Shenandoah, Tadadaho, Iroquois Six
Nations, at the Cry of the Earth Conference, UN headquarters,
Nov.  22, 1993.

> > - S.M.  *****************************************************

> > This Journal tells the story of the Sunbow 5 Walk for the
Earth, which began June 23, 1995 on First Encounter Beach, Cape
Cod, MA, and will conclude February, 1996 in Santa Barbara, CA.
For general information on the walk, send a request to or visit our World Wide Web site:

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