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Re: Appreciation

Jul 26, 1995 12:51 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

> Greetings...  As the first posting to the rebooted theos-l, I'd
like to express my great appreciation to John Mead for his
efforts on behalf of the list.  Its really only when something
happens (like a server crash) that we even become aware of the
fact that some person or persons has to expend time and energy to
keep lists up and running.

I'd like to add my appreciation as well.  We too often take for
granted the work done by others, until problems arise.

> Further, in spite of his effort, John has never given in to the
temptation to impose restrictions or editorial control over the
list (which more than one list owner has done).

By doing so, John provides us with an important service.  Some
people cannot handle the unrestricted nature of the list, and
drop off after being offended by ideas they'd rather not read.
Those of us who have stuck it out are better for the experience.
We're provided an opporutnity to practice tolerance in a way that
we may not be able to do elsewhere in life.

> Thank you John ...  you have made it possible for a number of
truly stimulating discussions to take place between people who
may not other- wise have had a chance to engage one another.
*That's* theosophy.  -JRC

I'd say that there's a definite *content* to the study of
Theosophy, and not just *process*.  But the process we engage in
enables us to develope both critical thinking and intuitive
insight, both necessary faculties for an understanding of the
deeper truths.  'theos-l' provides us both with a change to
experience the *process* as well as study and think about the
*content* of Theosophy.

- Eldon

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