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ideals and reincarnation

Jul 06, 1995 03:48 PM


On 24 June, you refered to a thought expressed by Krishnamurti
related to his belief that ideals may actually be hinderences.
Could you direct me to writings on this subject by Krishnamurti?
I appreciate it very much.  Thanks Love and Light, Fred

Adam W,

Your comments on belief in reincarnation mirror my life
experiences.  When we try to convert non-believers, we are taking
a very uncharitable course.  While we might like to "save the
world," our real object should be self-enlightenment first and
foremost, until we are complete.  Our role in the greater picture
should avoid denigration of the belief systems of others through
coercive efforts (not only because that is not our role, but
because we just might be wrong...)

In the mean time, I find personal comfort in belief in
reincarnation.  While I seem to be doing okay in this life, I
know I have a lot to learn, and could be doing better.Hopefully,
I'll get it all together after a few more opportunities..  .
Perhaps our lack of completeness is the cause of the insecurity
we manifest when we attempt to coerce others to our belief

Love and Light, Fred

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