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Re: Send them all to theos-roots!

Jul 04, 1995 09:40 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Replying to Michelle

> > Anyway, as a suggestion for a FAQ, there is an _excellent_
summary of theosophy written by Jack Patterson published by the
New Zealand Section of the T.S.  (Adyar.) I'd like to request
Murray from NZ to ask Jack if we can publish it on the WWW.  Has
anyone here seen it? It's a little blue booklet.  I'd be happy to
scan it in.

> My thoughts too, it is an excellent booklet.  I suspect Paul
that it is on disk in NZ now and wont need to be scanned...  No
doubt Murray will let us know.

My access to e-mail has been severely limited the last couple of
weeks, with my principal hardware away for modifications, so I'm
glad to have received this message today.

Have just spoken to Jack Patterson and he's more than willing to
see his booklet appear on the WWW or similar.  A version of it
with a different cover has been available in the United States
for a few years now; its cover is a gray and yellow pattern, from
memory.  The title escapes me for the moment but people at Olcott
should know the one I'm referring to.  Jack says the American one
differs from his original in the theosophical text in only a very
small way - a couple of sentences on international karma.

I don't know if the booklet has been scanned in in NZ yet, but
I'll ask around.  It certainly has been well received.

Great to hear from you Michelle, if you're the Michelle I'm
thinking of.  Perhaps we can catch up on private e-mail.

Murray Stentiford

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