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Re: Send them all to theos-roots!

Jun 02, 1995 02:49 PM
by Paul Gillingwater (Nancy Coker) writes:

> There are those who subscribe to the idea of nonlocal,
nonlinear causality, (I think I have this correctly) which
implies that we can affect the past.  This notion delights me :)
with its possibilities, and saddens me :( when I consider how we
squander them.

This is the topic of a book by Richard Bach.  It's also the topic
of a dream I had at the weekend, in which not only can one affect
one's past lives, but also there is at least one mirror world
where things are done a little differently...  :-)

Anyway, as a suggestion for a FAQ, there is an _excellent_
summary of theosophy written by Jack Patterson published by the
New Zealand Section of the T.S.  (Adyar.) I'd like to request
Murray from NZ to ask Jack if we can publish it on the WWW.  Has
anyone here seen it? It's a little blue booklet.  I'd be happy to
scan it in.

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