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Send them all to theos-roots!

Jul 02, 1995 08:20 PM
by Nancy Coker

Paul wrote:

> You might recall that there was a strong consensus last time
round that this line of discussion be posted to theos-roots
rather than theos-l.  That still seems the best policy.  I
encourage other theos-l participants to comment yea or nay on
this suggestion.

Please count my vote for restricting the history discussions
(including the Masters' identities, itineraries, appearances,
disappearances, and whatever) to theos-roots.  I hope conventions
for discourse can be amicably agreed upon.  This seems especially
important since the written word seems to carry so much more
weight than the spoken one.

I appreciate that there are those who treasure the importance of
our history.  For my part, I don't want to have to explain when
HPB comes back and asks what the hell we're doing playing detec-
tive while poor infant humanity writhes.

There are those who subscribe to the idea of nonlocal, nonlinear
causality, (I think I have this correctly) which implies that we
can affect the past.  This notion delights me :) with its
possibilities, and saddens me :( when I consider how we squander


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