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Re to Liesel

May 22, 1995 05:45 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel<I'm sorry, Jerry, if my quoting other people offends you.
I have a thing about that, having been taught in school that it's
not ethical to plagiarize.  Most times I don't quote my sources
directly, but rather an approximation consisting of what I
remember & have learned from them; but I do like to acknowledge
that what I'm saying is not quite original, because I'd feel
guilty if I thought I were stealing someone else's ideas.>

No, your quoting doesn't bother me a bit.  I was referring to
those whose repsonse is *only* one or more quotes.  You always
put your quotes in with your own words, which is pretty much what
I try to do.  We all *should* use quotes when others have said
what we want to say.  But if I ask a specific question, I usually
am wanting someone's personal response rather than a "book"
answer.  But you are certaintly right that quoting is better than
plagarizing.  I don't want to point fingers, but Brenda was
extremely good at giving me a lot of quotes when I really was
wondering what she herself thought.  (I do hope she reconsiders
and comes back).  Actually, I have enjoyed your Serge quotes
because until you mentioned him and quoted him, I had never even
heard of him.

Jerry S.

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