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JRC and Jerry S

May 21, 1995 10:15 PM
by LieselFD


By now, most of what you discussed in your post of 5-18 has been
responded to very well by the others.  I'd like to add just one
thing...  my picture of reality & maya.  There must really be
something out there.  Just now, I think it's all vibes which
aggregate in certain ways, & move so as to cancel each other out
at times, & etc.  ie they form diverse patterns.  Since I used to
think years ago that there were atoms out there, I may in the
future think there's something other than vibes.  Right now, I
think it's vibes.  These vibes and the patterns they make are
transformed into signals I've learned to recognize by my eyes,
ears, tongue, finger tips, intuition, higher self, microscope etc
etc.  What my sense organs tell me is what I perceive, & how I
perceive it...  even though I surmise there's really only
aggregations of vibes out there sending out various stimuli.  It
is said that when I have learned enough wisdom to live in Nirvana
I'll be able to perceive what is really there.  It is said that
this will be a capability of fully developed human beings These
are the ideas I have evolved probably from several sources, but
the one I remember is "Inner Peace Through the Process of
Knowing" by Harry Van Gelder.  What Harry writes is lots more
detailed & complicated, because 1.  he was a scientist and 2.  he
perceived lots more than I'll ever be able to.  If anyone on this
list is interested in following up on it, the Olcott Library has
Harry's slender book, which contains a lot.  I also have a copy
I'd lend out, if someone wants to borrow it, & will be sure to
return it.

To Jerry S.

Thank you for that beautifully thought through, & graceful post.

Several comments - I think we =are= all bringing something to the
group, and I for one am thoroughly enjoying our writings.  At 1
point while we were discussing Karma, I started printing out
everyone's posts, & putting them into a special folder.  I'm
hoping someone in the new Onondaga TS study group will enjoy
reading them.

At times, I too sound like I'm speaking from a soap box.  We're
all so sure that what we've learned about Theosophy is true, that
we tend to sound very positive.  I think we've got a right to be,
as does every other person who has strong convictions, but we do
call ourselves "Students" to sometimes remind us of the fact that
we're only on the road to becoming Masters.

I'm sorry, Jerry, if my quoting other people offends you.  I have
a thing about that, having been taught in school that it's not
ethical to plagiarize.  Most times I don't quote my sources
directly, but rather an approximation consisting of what I
remember & have learned from them; but I do like to acknowledge
that what I'm saying is not quite original, because I'd feel
guilty if I thought I were stealing someone else's ideas.



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