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Re: Researching Mother Goddesses

May 22, 1995 04:54 AM
by Astrea (Nancy Coker) writes:

> 5/20/95
> Does anyone have any recommendations for good books, movies,
> magazines or whatever dealing with the Mother Goddesses. I'm
> interested in exploring as many dimensions as possible --
> religious, archetypal, psychological, mythological, magical,
> historical etc.
> I'll start with HPB and branch out from there. Any suggestions?
> Nancy Coker
> P O Box C
> Pasadena  CA 91001
> 818 798 1070

I know so many, my mind has suddenly gone blank! :-) A couple of
goodies are: two books by Alice O.  Howell" The Web in the Sea:
Jung, Sophia and the Geometry of the Soul", and "The Dove in the

>From a somewhat different perspective: "The Black Goddess and
the Sixth Sense" by Peter Redgrove.

Somewhere in the chaos of our library there is also a
commemorative calendar/book of days for major festivals of the
Goddess in the Ancient world.  (It was there I learnt that
"Astrea's" (the real one) special day is my birthday - a bit of
synchonicity for you.) Also, we had a book of sites of Goddess
worship in Europe, but I think the Goddess has reclaimed that one
:-).  We also have one called "Sky Dancer" (I think) on the role
of women, or more specifically Dakinis in the Tibetan Buddhist
tradition - I know it's there somewhere!

Then of course, there's the classic "The White Goddess" by Rober



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