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Re: Researching Mother Goddesses

May 22, 1995 05:05 AM
by Astrea (Nancy Coker) writes:
> 5/20/95
> Does anyone have any recommendations for good books, movies,
> magazines or whatever dealing with the Mother Goddesses. I'm
> interested in exploring as many dimensions as possible --
> religious, archetypal, psychological, mythological, magical,
> historical etc.
> I'll start with HPB and branch out from there. Any suggestions?
> Nancy Coker
> P O Box C
> Pasadena  CA 91001
> 818 798 1070

It's me again. Found 'em!

"Sky Dancer: The Secret Life and Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel"
by Keith Dowman.

"The Year of the Goddess: A Perpetual Calendar of Festivals " by
Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

Pity they're both written by men, but never mind ...  may be they
are worshippers of Her.

Another goody is "Priestess:The Life and Magick of Dion Fortune"
by Alan Richardson.  It's not about the Goddess, but does cast
some light on woman's spirituality in the Western esoteric

I can provide date, publisher etc if you're interested.


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