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Re: Theosophical library software

May 22, 1995 03:43 PM
by Lewis Lucas


I have installed several libray software systems in corporate
libraries, academic and public.  All were micro based except one.
None was under $1,000.  I would agree with Elizabeth Trumpler you
will have to spend a little more than that to get a good software
package.  I would remind you that the vast majority of the
"costs" associated with establishing a database are the hours and
hours of data input someone will have to do.  A common mistake is
to spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, on an
inexpensive database from which you can't get the data back out
when it is time to move to something else.

If there is no plans to share the data with other libraries then
you can create your own with any of serveral database software
packages off the shelf...and that's probably the only way you
could do it for under $1,000.


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