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Re: Fogies or what?

May 15, 1995 01:55 AM
by Astrea writes:

> The best way to respond to those few who bother to attack us is
> probably just to hand them the American Theosophist ...  they'll
> quickly go aw convinced that we pose no threat to any established
> order whatsoever.  The fac that fundamentalists can visit
> Headquarters and go away with their minds at ease is *not*
> something we can be proud of, but in fact is a symptom our most
> profound failure.
>         -JRC

I know what you mean.  I go through a love/hate thing with the
Society.  At times it seems extremely ineffectual - just a lot of
harmless old fogies sitting around having cups of tea and
chatting.  And yet, there is a strong ethical influence which
comes through the TS which is quite hard to find any where else.
Also, it is, for all practical purposes, entirely non-coercive,
and non-profit seeking.  Its very humility and harmlessness gives
it a certain power.  Like it says in the Tao de Ching, " a good
walker leaves no tracks." It seems somehow reassuring that there
are still old (and young) fogies in the world as custodians of
the outer courts of the mysteries, however inadequate they may
appear in the eyes of the world.  The TS also exists as a kind of
training school for idealists, who, after having learned their
lessons, have to make their own way in life and try to put it in
to practice.  This is an individual responsibility, and we can't
really blame the Society or anyone else for our shortcomings in
this area.


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