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Re: Luxor Lodge

May 15, 1995 01:42 AM
by Astrea

"Ann E. Bermingham" <> writes:

> > I think this may be good in some ways, bad in others.  I feel
> > more like I am dinner conversation, a la MY DINNER WITH ANDRE or
> > something, than standing before a boss, a teacher, a class etc.
> > But maybe newcomers are disappointed by not LEARNING theosophy
> > here (I'm not sure they could).
> What's so bad with having dinner with Dr.  Bain, Jerry, Rubin,
> Astrea, Leisel K.  Paul? I was starving for conversation about
> theosophy and I'm grateful th people are around.

That's nice Anne.  I'm back, by the way.  We payed our respects
to some inspiring sites in Egypt, including the temples at Luxor,
Sakkara and the valleys of the Kings and Queens.  We kept an eye
out, but we didn't see any of the Brotherhood of the Lodge of
Luxor there (that we knew of), but there was still a feeling of
how magnificent the ancient mystery schools must have been there.
I think the Lodge of Luxor took in Olcott, whereas HPB belonged
to the Transhimalayan Siblinghood.  Really, the ancient Egyptians
achieved a level of art and architecture which has, in its way,
remained unsurpassed.  Any comments, any one?

One day our taxi broke down.  Our driver got us another lift - a
solemn young man driving what seemed to be a hearse! I imagined
that perhaps it was Anubis in mortal guise!



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