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Re: Fogies or what?

May 15, 1995 12:12 PM
by judy a cilcain

> At times it seems extremely ineffectual - just a lot of harmless
> old fogies sitting around having cups of tea and chatting.

In my latest 'theosophical' sermon delivered yesterday I gave due
credit to a lot of these "old fogies" whom I discovered in 1970
and the things I learned from them.  As I said in that sermon,
"they were talking about the most extraordinary things! They were
talking about karma, reincarnation, adepts-mystical, magical
things...The scales were lifted from my eyes, and I was changed
forever." And I'm really grateful for their wisdom that they were
willing to share.  Only one of these dear old people still
remains here-she's 96, still a firm theosophist, and to quote her
"she still has all her buttons." One hopes that one will be as
fortunate down the road.

And, by the way, it's nice to be back! Hello to all new
contributors, by the way.


Judy A. Cilcain
Executive Secretary
Office of the Provost for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
University of Minnesota
12 Morrill Hall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
612, 626-0362

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