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Re: Karma

May 12, 1995 05:34 PM
by LieselFD

Hi, Lewis,

I think it's a great discussion too. Everyone has something else
important to contribute. I've learned from it, & I feel real
proud of us that we can carry on a discussion at that high a
level. I've been meaning to ask John Meade to save it for our

Before I try to express to you my answers to some of your
questions & statements, I'd like to very carefully preface what I
say, with a little phrase I often forget about: "Thus I have
heard". Below are =my= subjective conclusions from my
experience, my Weltanschauung. As Theosophy so aptly states with
the Buddha, you gotta find out for yourself. It's gotta make
sense to you, or to anyone else who is taking part in this
discussion. If it makes no sense, if you can't use it to good
advantage, it's no good to you. So you pick & choose what best
appeals to you from what's being offered, & what you yourself
figure out from what's being offered.

The laws of karma & gravity are part of our belief system. We
don't really know what's out there. We only know what our senses
tell us (& the modern extension of our senses such as a
telescope) . For instance, our experience was extended by fine
instruments and we found out there's X-rays, ultra violet rays,
particles, quarks etc. So Karma & gravity are laws we assume to
be valid according to our experience, and because it makes sense
to act on our assumptions. Knowing what we know about the law of
gravity will help us not to fall off a cliff & get hurt, if we're
standing on top of one. Our asasumption works for us. But for
instance when you read about activity on the astral plane, the
effect of gravity is quite different. I think if you started to
fall off a cliff on the astral Ppane, you could think "go up", &
you'd go up instead of down. Or if that's too imaginative, think
of the TV pictures of the astronauts hopping around on the moon.

I agree with your conclusion that, according to theosophy you
can't act without creating karma. But I know from past
experience that when you get angry at someone, they get angry
back, And poww! So I've tried hard to teach myself not to lose my
temper, & the results come out much better. Nobody tries to poww
me that much anymore, and we get much more done working together
than working against each other. I'm assuming that I learned
part of the Law of Karma. Anyway, it works. What I'd also like
to say is that what Nick Porrecco brought into the discussion the
other day, is real important, I think.. namely you're well on
the road, if you try to be of service as selflessly as you have
it in you. I think that you're supposed to have eliminated being
effected by karma by the time you're wise enough to live in a
state of nirvana. But then, if you believe in the Bodhisattva
ideal, you don't go into nirvana, but rather come back & help the
others make it. A world when the lion shall lie down with the
lamb is a long way off. "Not until the last blade of grass"...



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