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Re: Karma

May 12, 1995 07:26 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Liesel wrote:

> I tried to adapt the most feasible, flexible belief system I knew
> about, & that came to be Theosophy.  It has served, and still
> serves, me well;

Me too!

> so right, it isn't.  Theosophy is a belief system like any other,
> & so is Karma.

I was with you up to here.  Are you saying you think karma is
just a belief? I thought it was more like a fact of nature, a
law, and operated irrespective of our belief system.  If a man
thinks gravity doesn't apply to him and steps off a cliff, he is
in a manner of speaking, predestined to fall until something
breaks his fall.

Can we act without generating karma? I think the answer is that
it is possible, but not normally for the vast majority of us at
this stage of humanity's development.  Several people have made
reference to intent.  I understand intent to color or modify the
results, but not eliminate them.

Great discussion!


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