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Re: Karma

May 09, 1995 05:36 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

>  I suppose I believe that simply intending to act with clarity,
with justice, with compassion, i.e., according to the classical
virtues, and letting the law of Karma (whatever the devil it is)
operate in whatever fashion it operates is the best way of
approaching the subject ... problem is, I've heard "karma" often
used as an *excuse* for inaction ...  -JRC

This seems to be one of the more sensible approaches on this
issue to me.  The last thing I want from my supposedly caring
compassionate theosophical colleagues [seeking to extend the hand
of fellowsip and brotherhood] is that the reason someone beat me
up the other day [hypothetical] is because of some "bad" karma I
generated in 1492 when I invaded the West Indies, and which I
cannot recall ever having done.  I am not entitled to sympathy
and support for, after all, as a theosophist, I should know
perfectly well that it is all my own fault.  So, I wonder, why am
I not then allowed to decide to "get" the B______ who beat me up
and administer some immediate and very effective karma to him,
thus saving him from some unhappy experience(s) in his next life
- surely I would be doing him a big and compassionate favor?

In line with your unquoted remarks, you may be interested to note
that having successfully worked on myself to change my thought
patterns and inner motivations, the force of gravity in Bristol,
England, will be in abeyance for two days starting on June 1st.



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