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Re: Masters and Hierarchies

Feb 28, 1995 02:20 PM
by Astrea

Sy Ginsburg <> writes:

> I wonder if anyone else has any stories like this to share?
> Sy Ginsburg

(True story)

I was on mission in Outer Mongolia, and in the first week started
to feel quite depressed.  Physical conditions were difficult
there, but it wasn't so much that.  During the Stalinist purges a
large proportion of the male population (especially the Buddhist
monks) had been executed and buried in mass graves.  (Can't
recall how many now.  It might be as many as 50% of the adult
men.) Also, as you know, this was the homeland of Ghengis Khan
who led "the Golden Horde" to destroy much of the developing
civilization across Europe and Asia.  All this had affected the
psychic atmosphere, and it seemed very much a place of desolation
where terrible things had happened.  I started to feel I couldn't
cope with it.

Then one night over dinner, I found a scrap of paper next to my
place.  On it had been written the word "Humanity." Instead of a
normal "t" a cross had been drawn (as in a Christian cross.) In
an instant, this communicated to me the idea of suffering
humanity, as if impaled on the cross of matter or circumstance,
or the divinity within humanity somehow crucified.  (Even though
I'm not Christian.  ) In that moment, I had a change of attitude,
and was able to complete my work there, satisfactorily, I hope.
(Later, I also dreamed that a priest sealed my higher chrakras so
I didn't sense the horror as much - which definately helped as
well.) It could have been coincidence, but it meant a lot to me.


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