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Feb 28, 1995 10:57 AM
by John Tullis

> Hierarchies bother me.  I know Theosophists talk about t that
> here are planetary spirits, & dhyani chohans and The Manu.  They
> don't sit well with me, because it reminds me of human beings
> trying to figure out how far along the Path they are.  I can't
> tell how far along I am, & I'm not sure anyone else can.  I
> wonder whether you or anyone on this list has any thoughts about
> that.

Interesting the modern corporations are going to a more networked
rather than a hierarchical approach for organization.
Hierarchies were a human social construction for centuries -
networked organizations, "virtual corporations", etc.  seem to be
a new thing for human societies (at least to the extent that is
now occuring).

Perhaps the early Theosophists perceived the "spiritual" world in
that fashion because that is how they conceived of it - people do
tend to filter their views of reality based on their

- John Tullis -

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