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The Adyar Mission Statement

Feb 28, 1995 10:58 AM
by uscap9m9

-- Eldon Tucker

On Saturday I heard John Algeo talk about Theosophy and the
Theosophical Society. His program at Krotona, in Ojai, was
on HPB's Letters to Conventions. Following is my impression
of what he said. It's not necessarily my views or approach,
but I think it shows a good picture of the direction of the
Adyar T.S. in America.

The Adyar Mission Statement:

Theosophy is not its tenants, but justice balanced by
kindness with concern for others. The actual tenants come in
as many flavors as ice cream, and a preference is based upon
individual taste. The ideas in a general sense have affected
western thought, to the point that they have entered the
main stream.

Our numbers are limited because we use the word "Theosophy,"
that is associated with a cult in the public mind. It is
really the opposite, for in a cult the members subordinate
their judgments to that of the leader.

In our studies, the process is more important than the
content. The decision we make is not as critical as how we
arrived at it.

People benefit from our branches for many reasons. They gain
much more from making personal contacts with fellow seekers,
than they do from the specific doctrines they are taught.
The T.S. was not founded as a factory for producing adepts,
but rather for the fellowship of common folk.

Our greatest good is in helping others. This is summarized
in two terms. First is altruism, where our primary concern
is with the well being of others. Second is benevolence,
where we have general good will for other living creatures.


On another note, John Algeo mentioned the theosophical CD-
ROM. The Letters of HPB are being worked on, and will come
out in three volumes. The TSA will do HPB on a CD-ROM after
they are done. The preliminary text of volume one will be in
Wheaton in one month, and will require much additional work
before it is done; the other two volumes are later down the

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