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Re: Myth of the Masters

Feb 21, 1995 08:02 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Keith Price:

> I hope the book opens up a much needed airing of the whole
> Masters "thing".  The question always arises at our lodge,
> particullarly by newcomers: "do you have to believe in the
> Masters?" The standard "no" is given, but with implication that
> most "real" theosophist do somehow.

I certainly got the sense of a dual message from my very first
contact with Theosophy.

> I have thought about voicing my opinion which is a little, well a
> lot, on the skeptical side, but I am relying more on my
> "feelings" and intuitions than on research.  Joy Mills in her
> review takes her theosophical hat off to K.  Paul for his serious
> research and insights into the Masters as "enlightened"
> westerners (usually) who were very much real people and friends
> etc.  of Blavatsky and others (from what I can tell from the
> review only) and not disembodied (from Tibetan and Indian bodies)
> spirits sitting in Shamballa or elsewhere forever holding
> meetings and writing letters it seems.

This doesn't necessarily exclude the possibility of paranormal
communication with those real people.  I think HPB used
techniques to align her consciousness with those of certain
Master figures, and that these relate to those of the Shabd
Yoga tradition (see Voice of the Silence).  But how or whether
this "worked" is unknown except by the fruits of her writings.

> I hope K.  Paul will share his insights and research with us on
> this very important topic.  It would make a very good live Chat
> topic.

I am not available to theos-l except during working hours, but
will respond to all questions and comments on the book.  Even
from those who haven't read it.  Some thoughts are percolating
at the moment but I'll wait for specific input before posting.

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