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Iwo Jima Anniversary

Feb 19, 1995 10:03 AM
by LieselFD

Just watched the ceremony in DC commemorating the battle of Iwo.
My brother, Gus, then a Marine Cpl., is a veteran of that battle.
He was in charge of a small group of men who detonated booby
traps, in pillboxes abandon ed by the Japanese.  They did this
before the other Marines were allowed in the area.

Gus got a Bronze Star for detonating a tricky explosive device in
his helmet filled with water.  He was also severely wounded on
the last day of the battle.  Still, his buddy, Dawley, had been
wounded in his buttocks & couldn't walk, so Gus slung him over
his shoulder, & carried him to the first aid station.

Gus is fine now.  He's had a very successful career in the Arts,
& is the father of 4 kids, 1 of whom, my Nephu Jeffu, just got a
novel published.  .

I don't know what this has to do with Theosophy, but I wanted ot
tell you.


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