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NYTBR 2/26

Feb 21, 1995 08:07 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

The current issue of the New York Times Book Review (dated 2/26,
which will appear in next Sunday's edition but is already out
separately) carries a favorable review of The Masters Revealed.

Since I started my library career in 1977 I have read NYTBR week
in and week out, cover to cover.  So this is a very happy
occasion for me.

Won't reproduce the whole thing here, but the last para reads "K.
Paul Johnson's book is a real original.  In straightforward,
readable prose, it presents a panorama of heroes, heroines and
eccentrics.  Tracing Madame Blavatsky's secret life, it often
reads like an occult whodunit about a woman who was, in fact, as
fascinating as the legends she created about herself."

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