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Thanks for your Healing Words

Feb 16, 1995 08:44 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

I am utterly amazed and quite frankly floored that there would be
so much personal support from being on a listserv.  For the past
few weeks, I have been suffering form a combined problem of
bladder infection and sleep apnea, an irritating problem that
causes me to wake up breathless in the middle of the night.
Several of you wrote inquiring where I was hiding up and if I was
ok.  Then Liesel suggested sending me healing words.  Bev and I
noticed a marked change in my energy and my spirit when you
started to doing that.  Thanks alot Alan, Doreen and others for
your healing incantations, I really appreciate your concern and

Now what about those intellectualized armchair theosophist that
John mentioned.  From my early impressions I do recognize a
certain cerebrialism in theosophy but many on this list are
sufficiently in touch with their humanty.  Perennial wisdom does
not require pretentiousness or inflated egoism to follow the path
is to renounce clinging on to accolades.  So my personal story
seems to suggest that many theosophists are ethically concerned
and caring people.

Thanks for Being Here,


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