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Re: A Nucleus in Cyberspace

Feb 16, 1995 02:59 AM
by John Vorstermans

According to Murray Stentiford,

> I think the whole TS needs to go more from a nucleus mentality to
> a network mentality.  Present company excepted, of course.

I see them as being somewhat similar.  Can you have a network
without having a nucleus?

> Not just in communications, but in recognising that we're no
> longer the lone pioneer, battling to set up an action group.
> There are others out there, now, and some of them are doing the
> same sort of things as us.  I've seen theosophists forget about
> kinship with them.

Most religions display the same sort of trait.  Generally it
signifies (IMO) the degeneration of the ideals it stands for when
members of the organisation see themselves as being "above" or
"better: than members of another.

In general the TS today is simply a group of armchair
intellectuals who site and discuss the theories put forth by the
founders, this mailing list I guess being an extension of this.
Or perhaps it is simply an organisation which holds talks and
lectures for the entertainment of it's members and to perhaps try
and convert those with a like minded nature to its ranks.

A far cry from what it was setup for, as is quite obvious by
looking at the work done by the founders.  The TS today has lost
its way and is very much anchoured down by a generation who have
lost their vision.  (Yes I generalise).

It is fine having a knowledge of Karma, Reincarnation, and some
sort of understanding of multi-demensional being, but what use
are theories that we cannot really know.  To take on the
challenge of what theosophy is we need to put it into real
practice, go out on a limb and live it.  We must create new paths
for ourselves, not simply following the old ones.

Have you decided what it is you wish to achieve this lifetime?

What are your current goals? To buy a house, save enough money so
you can be comfortable warm and content?

The TS is one of the steps to help take the world into a new age
of progress.  However it is only a step and not the way itself.
If we look at the words in the books we read in our libraries we
will only find ourselves lost in ideals.  If we follow the spirit
of what is being expressed and dare to let it led us we will find
the way expressed through our own lives and actions.

The challenge we as individuals have is to follow our hearts and
not our minds.  Very few are up to it.

Food for thought.


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