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Happy post-Valentine's Day, y'all...

Feb 15, 1995 06:40 PM
by Nira2U

Single Sapcing is a rare bird that flies solo --and croons after
filling it's craw with honeysuckle nectar...

Dr.  Al' I think you've been sitting at your 'puter too
looooooong --to profess love for American Bobsters...  Unless
you're not getting trial coverage of the Great Juice Fiasco...


I want to tell you again how much I've enjoyed your insights
--I've been 'recovering' from a severe BBQ'n experienced in the
Orthodox Christianity pit.  And I *thought* Baptists were the
only ones who had a monopoly on singlemindedness...

With regard to the discussions about resynthesizing Theosophy
into more contemporary terminology --the texts could be appended
easily by having translators in the margins for those who need to
have Antiquated terminologies clarified.  It's really a shame in
this day & age that CyberSpace has neutered communication
EmotIcons to justify every minute meaning...

Whatever would HPB's writings look like these days if she had to
<G> after every admonition?

With regard to the discussions on Synchronicity -v- Causuality,
it was my understanding that the latter was the effect of Synch's
cause; at times bringing about Karmic repercussions.  Things
happen because they're meant to reawaken insight to some previous
action/reaction.  In the physical sense --running into someone
moments after thinking of them is a spiritually plotted event.

Throwing Tarot cards is no more a 'chance' thaing than reacting
to physical stimuli.  Have any of you worked with The Voyager
Deck? It has some potent imagery in it that always brings
INSIGHT...  As a Channeler, I find I get better Affirmation
Readings for my 'clients' with this deck.  The Rider deck has
value on more physical stimuli levels (eg: business,
interpersonal reactions) while Voyager brings you into Soul
Essence.  Another interesting deck is the Arthurian --on a Truth
Quest level, it brings some unusual reflection to your
spiritual/emotional awarenesses.  Generally when I do face to
face readings, I have the Ponderant shuffle the deck until
they're comfortable with it's mix; then have them split the deck
and chose which third they want me to read from.  This way, my
energies are *not* influencing any outcome.  I have to be
objective & interpretive.  When I was doing "phone-psyches" it
necessitated the Ponderant verbalizing the area they wanted
'read' --and some minor concentration on their part (I wasn't the
sort who ran up peoples' phone bills but I needed our vibes to
interact for at least 60 seconds so I could attune to them...) My
accuracy rate was in the 88 percentile range...

The point I'm making here in my round about Texanan way is --how
spontaneous is spontanaety? The Universe's Ordering is a lot less
chaotic than we think.  It's falling prey to second guessing
action -v- reaction that makes for human error.  On a Dharmic
level, if we followed instincts without injecting fear into
everything we do, we most probably would progress more rapidly...

Have any of you worked with Crystal/Vibrational energies yet?
Being a late comer to the Theos-buffet, I think I may have missed
on this one.  As an adjunct to energy stabilization (or even
merely transmitting computer communications thru a quartz chip or
two) it would seem a valid area to explore.  Some interesting
reading material on this subject was Channeled by Kevin Ryerson's
guide Gurudas...  And I believe Sir Oliver Lodge was just
scratching the surface of Vibrational energies' usefulness (the
earlier works of SPR collectively is a particular area of
'affection' for this recycled soul...  I'll leave it to you to
guess why...)

Just a few posies to throw into the thought bouquet...

I'm changing my screen name to "Our Hyacinth" since I seem to be
other's bane...  I trust you'll get my drift Doc Al...

A fond good evening...
(she exits, singing...)

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