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Origins of TS (fwd)

Feb 15, 1995 06:36 PM
by John Mead

On July 15 and 16 there will be a conference on the "Origins of
the Theosophical Society" under the auspices of the Foundation
for Theosophical Studies at the headquarters of the Theosophical
Society in England (50 Gloucester Place, London W1H 3HJ).  It
will be an International Conference under my (Jim Santucci) and
will probably resemble the Theosophical History Conferences that
Leslie Price arranged in the 1980s.  Leslie is helping to
organize the conference as well as Lilian Storey, the General
Secretary of the T.S.  in England.

If you are interested you may e-mail me at or write directly to Lilian Storey at the
address given above.  If you wish to present a paper, send me an
abstract (1 page) directly to me (c/o Dept.  of Relgious Studies,
California State University, Fullerton, CA 92634).

Information about the Conference will also be included in
Theosophical History (April 1995).

                    Jim Santucci

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