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Re: Theos-L "conference"

Feb 15, 1995 01:06 PM
by Michael W. Grenier

>In message <950211214821_72724.413_FHP68-1@CompuServe.COM> writes:

> What is the possibility as to both usefulness and technical
> feasibility of having a regularly session, maybe weekly, where
> those who wish could actually be on line with each other?
> Something like a conference room in a Compuserve forum.  Maybe
> John Mead can answer the technical part of this question.

This can be done with Internet Relay Chat which allows a forum of
people to talk interactively together.  Attached is the readme
file for a sharware version of the program you could run on a PC
attached to the internet.

For simple two way communication, you can use other programs like
Wintalk (which is usually running on this pc

Anyway, these programs are available on in
the /pub/pc/win3/winsock directory or its mirror ftp sites.

     -Mike Grenier

                         IRC4WIN  v1.10BETA
   (C) David V.Elkind (FNELKIND@TAVOR.OPENU.AC.IL) aka JimmyPage,

       BWCC.DLL (C) Borland Intl.

                           1. OVERVIEW

       IRC4WIN is the MS-Windows (WINSOCK-compliant) version of the
       IRC client.  The IRC (which means Internet Relay Chat) is the
       Multi-User Chatting system which became very popular and
       widely used by UNIX users.

       In the recent time there appeared IRC clients for various
       operating systems (such as MacOS, MS-DOS, and so on).

       The client you see is the attempt to make the Windows
       compatible, user-friendly IRC client.  Hope you will enjoy

NB: WINSOCK.DLL required in order to use this client.

                    2.  THE COMMANDS UNIQUE TO THIS CLIENT

At the present time, the client has only two unique commands:
       -SAVE - saves aliases to disk
       -LOAD - loads aliases from disk

In the future I am going to add more commands.  If you have any
ideas, feel free to send me mail.

       1) The UNALIAS command with no params given, erases ALL the
       aliases created during the last session

       2) SAVE command issued with no alias defined erases the
       aliases file

       3) LOAD command ADDS (and not replaces) the aliases.

       4) ALIAS command with no parameters lists all the aliases

       5) if the file AUTOEXEC.IRC exists, it is loaded at startup
       if connected to server.  File AUTOEXEC.IRC should be built
       from the IRC commands (one command per line) and should exist
       in the IRC4WIN startup directory (where IRC4WIN.INI and
       ALIASES.IRC files exist).

       6)"~" symbol is replaced with Ctrl-G (Beep)

The AUTOEXEC.IRC included in the package includes only one
command : /load, which loads aliases if they were previously

                           3.  REGISTRATION INFO

       This program is NOT freeware, but SHAREWARE, so you can use
       it only for 30 days of trial period.  If you decide to use it
       further, you must register it.  The registration costs $50
       for single user and $450 for site license.

       Registering will give you additional features (such as
       UNIGNORE command, DCC command and more comfortable
       interface).  Registration will also disable some unpleasant
       effects, such as "Please register" dialog box that appears

       How to register? Very simply: send cheque to the following

             DAVID ELKIND
             Yavne Road, 49/10
             Rehovot 76344
             I S R A E L

       W A R N I N G : By not registering the SHAREWARE products,
       you cause the people to think twice before spending hundreds
       of working hours and getting the headache which always
       accompany programming process.  8-)

                           4.  CREDITS

       You may distribute this program freely as long as no charge
       is taken for it and as long as the code remains COMPLETELY
       unchanged and this file exists in the package.

                    5. BUGS? QUESTIONS? SUGGESTIONS?

       If you found bug, have a question, suggestion or whatever,
       feel free to E-Mail me at: FNELKIND@TAVOR.OPENU.AC.IL.  Also
       you can catch me in the IRC (my nick is JimmyPage).

                                        Hope you will enjoy.. :)
Michael W. Grenier
612-456-7869          Unisys - Air Traffic Control

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