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Re: Theos-L "conference"

Feb 12, 1995 09:55 AM
by John Mead

> What is the possibility as to both usefulness and technical
> feasibility of having a regularly session, maybe weekly, where
> those who wish could actually be on line with each other?
> Something like a conference room in a Compuserve forum.  Maybe
> John Mead can answer the technical part of this question.
> But is there any interest in doing this, and what would be a
> reasonable time period? How about Sunday 11 pm to 1 am Greenwich
> time? I don't know how intellectual the conversation would be,
> but socially it could enhance the idea of being a TS branch.

it would not be hard to do this through IRC.

However, people would need to learn IRC, and it may not be
available to everyone.

We could set up several hours some day.  probably a weekend.
Maybe with a large time window (12 hours?), so that it could
"flow" across several time zones?? The first person "on" could
look for a session called theos (or theosophy) and start it if it
didn't exist already.  It would be perhaps good to start it in a
time-zone where we know several people will be looking for it??
or else the dedicated few could get it going regularly, and let
it evolve??

i'll check out IRC, I haven't used it much.

does the person who starts the session have to "stay on" the
whole time as an owner (assume a Public session)??

peace -

john mead

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