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Re: Art, Theosophy & Related Courses

Feb 03, 1995 06:30 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

First things first-- Glad to see you here, Sy.  I hope you like
the 4th Way stuff in my forthcoming book.  Your branch certainly
gives the rest of the American Section plenty to think about in
terms of how to reach the public.  Some folks here will be
dubious about things like Creme and Urantia, but handled the
right way I see no problem with it.

One question: why "members only" for the Theosophy-- a Spiritual
Path group? I have a problem with the fact that the ES requires a
couple years' membership, and that a large number of TS members
never make it past the first year.  Probably a lot of the
dropouts feel that they never really connected with a spiritual
path through the TS.

So: what are the costs and benefits of "members only" approaches
to the things we hold most sacred?

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