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Re: Art, Theosophy & Related Courses

Feb 06, 1995 12:52 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Sy Ginsberg,

I was most grateful to see your post of branch activities and
receive the personal news of Carol and Stanley Hurd.

To pick out just one of the many subjects I was pleased to see on
your program, the Star Trek group brought a smile to my face - of
appreciation, because I have often thought that many of the New
Generation episodes could form an excellent starting point for a
theosophical discussion.

Some related ideas for group work are:
       Theosophy in Pop Music - there's some amazing stuff around
             You need a reasonably good sound system in the hall/room.
             I've done this and people loved it. Good ideas emerged too.
       Theosophy in Movies and Literature
       Theosophy in Indigenous Cultures
             Approached as seekers rather than dictators, this can
             come up with many a treasure.
             The beauty of many indigenous cultures is that they have
             preserved their wisdom by a rigorous oral transmission, so
             when you find correspondences with modern theosophy, it
             supports the idea of a universal ancient wisdom.
       Reincarnation and Children - begin with Ian Stevenson research,
             and go on to how to handle kids who seem to remember, and
             other related sources of information.

I've seen all these work well.

Murray Stentiford

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