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Art, Theosophy & Related Courses

Feb 03, 1995 04:07 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

Greetings Murray Stentiford and others who are interested.

You ask about the range of activities at our branch (Miami &
South Florida Branch of TSA) so I am posting this to THEOS-L in
case others are also interested.

This is an old branch founded in 1919.  We moved the branch from
an old declining Miami neighborhood to a suburban commercial
location in 1993 & opened a Quest bookstore at the new location.
To bring traffic we decided to establish study groups and courses
using whatever expertise branch members had in accordance with
the second and third declared objects of the TS We take these
objects as guidance for what we do.  In addition to Secret
Doctrine study which had gone on for some time, we developed a
wide range of related studies.  This has resulted in a more than
tripling of our branch membership in less than 2 years from under
30 to over 100, with lots of new and talented people.  Here is a
current list of courses, study groups and workshops being
offered.  Courses tend to be limited in duration but these
categories are interchangeable.

Astrology weekly ongoing

Bhagavad Gita bi-weekly ongoing

Beach Walk & Walking Meditation monthly ongoing

Paul Brunton bi-weekly ongoing

Edgar Cayce Material (Search for God texts) weekly ongoing

Celestine Prophecy 9 Insights Group weekly 10 sessions

Dream Workshop weekly ongoing

Enneagram of Personality Types weekly 2 sessions, repeating

Esoterica (a free ranging discussion) weekly ongoing

Gurdjieff Introductory Course weekly 5 sessions, repeating

Gurdjieff Ongoing Group weekly ongoing

Healing - Group Healing bi-weekly ongoing

Healing - "How to" Workshop monthly ongoing

Huna Healing (the work of Max Freedom Long) weekly 5 sessions,

Introduction to Your Spiritual Self (discovering psychic
abilities) weekly 5 sessions, repeating

Krishnamurti bi-weekly ongoing

Meditation Hour weekly ongoing

Meditation Introduction and Instruction weekly ongoing

Metaphysical Movies (Videos) - viewing and discussion monthly

Poetry Workshop weekly ongoing

Speakers Forum (guest speakers) weekly ongoing

Star Trek - viewing & discussion of selected metaphysical
episodes bi-weekly ongoing

Tarot bi-weekly ongoing

Theosophy: Basic Introductory Workshop weekly 15 sessions,

Theosophy: The Key to Theosophy weekly ongoing

Theosophy: Its Mystical, Magical History weekly ongoing

Theosophy: The Secret Doctrine bi-weekly ongoing

Theosophy: The Spiritual Path (members only) bi-weekly ongoing

Transmission Meditation (Benjamin Creme teaching) bi-weekly

Urantia Book bi-weekly ongoing

Workshop Monthly - (different subject each month) monthly ongoing

Every group is led by a facilitator who is a TS member because we
do not want the branch to become a hired hall for people with
private agendas.  We like to think that the facilitators are
knowledgeable in their subjects.  Some are really experts.  We do
invite guest speakers to our weekly speakers forum.  Some groups
have been ongoing for over a year.  Others start up and then end
for lack of interest or because the facilitator discontinues it.
Discontinued groups have included:

Mahatma Letters - 10 weekly sessions
Seth (Jane Roberts material)

The schedule is updated every 2 months so changes are continual.
In our March-April calendar we will likely add a group studying
Science & Spirituality, a course on Wilhelm Reich and possibly an
Art Study group from the idea we picked up from Doreen Domb off
of this THEOS-L.  So we are continually looking for good new
ideas and glad to share what we do here.

We do not charge anything for any of these offerings but suggest
that people put money in the basket.  Most do.  All groups are
open to the public with the exception of one theosophy members
only group.

Hope this gives some of you good ideas and we'd appreciate any
that you can offer.

A personal note to Murray Stentiford:

Carol and Stanley Hurd are members of this branch.  They say
"hello" & will write to you and also mail our printed program and
calendar of activities.  Carol is our bookstore manager.

Having a wonderful time.  Wish I were here.
Sy Ginsburg
snail mail to:
The Theosophical Society in Miami & South Florida
831 S.E. 9th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Tel: 305-420-0908
Fax: 305-463-8989

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