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Re: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Jan 31, 1995 12:23 PM

Another example of borrowing of the Masters is that of H.
Spencer Lewis and the AMORC.  By the late 1910's it came to light
AMORC was printing and selling pictures of Masters apparently
lifted from the TS; I've heard a monetary settlement was reached
in favor of the TS.  Does anyone know specifics? Lewis tried
outdoing the pack with his famous "Apostolic Successor" document
issued by one Shri Mazzinananda Khan." Some info on Khan appears
in Rick Fields How The Swans Came to the Lake, while his photo
appears in teh Buddhist Churches of America's 1974 75th
Anniversary history book (chapter on the Sacramento Betsuin).
Former AMORC imperator Gary Stewart felt the document granting
succession to Lewis was "another Lewis forgery." Khan was a
strange fellow, a source of considerable difficulty for the
Buddhist Churches of America's predecessor organization, the
Honganji Mission of North America.  He also became quite an
embarrassment to Paul Carus who at first believed his
preposterous story (8 or 9 PhDs claimed).

Lewis reported one of the Masters was sailing to America to meet
with him; an issue or two later, he published an obituary for teh
Master, claiming he'd died at sea!

I'd dearly love more info on Khan if anyone has heard of him or
knows of him.

Ken O'Neill, Kyoshi
White Lotus Society

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