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Re: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Jan 31, 1995 11:02 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Thanks, Ken, for the information.  From my recollection of the
Ballard material, the `El' and `Khan' are not found there.  Must
have been added by Mark Prophet.  Surely these figures are
adapted from HPB's Masters, but without any concern for coherence
with their letters or her writings.

This exemplifies a phrase coined by my net-friend David C.  Lane,
author of books on Eckankar, Radhasoami, and cults in general.
He calls "genealogical dissociation" the process whereby
religions assert their emergent independence by concealing or
transforming their relationship to prior source traditions.
Although the Prophets kept the names of KH and M, it doesn't seem
they kept much else.

Someone posted a notice about a new book on the CUT about a year
ago.  Surely it's out by now; I'll check.

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