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Jan 31, 1995 11:19 AM
by Doreen Domb

To everyone, especially Sy Ginsburg.  Just a quickie on TACO
(Hope to get time to post more very soon!) Thanks for your
enthusiasm, Sy.  However, I think there may be a misunderstanding
in communications.  TACO (Theosophical Artists Coop) is NOT
affiliated with the Pasadena TS or any other Theosophical
organization.  TACO is an informal group of independent artists
(many of whom happen to be theosophists and/or are members of
various theosophical organizations).  We don't meet in a TS
building or anything like that.  We meet at various TACO member's
home.  I felt I needed to make that clear.

Regarding your question as to why we use the ARTS & PHYSICS book,
I don't have a specific answer.  I usually show up after the
reading.  To me, the people who do the painting, sculpting, etc.,
are more into it.  I, myself, write and do music.  But I always
appreciate the other arts.  I may not know the technical terms
and particular techniques, but I know what I like.  Talk with you

Thanks Doreen for the information on TACO() in your message of
Jan 27.  I am a member of the Miami & South Florida Branch-TSA, a
big (100+ members) and active Theosophical branch with lots of
courses, workshops and study groups.  So we are always on the
lookout for new and interesting ways to make Theosophical study
available to our members and the interested public.  There are
several artists in our branch.  We have a weekly poetry group and
a monthly metaphysical video screening, but want to know more
about your artists group.  Also we have the usual weekly
theosophy study groups and related study groups on Astrology,
Brunton, Cayce, Gurdjieff, etc.  etc.  25 meeting groups in all,
and we operate the local Quest Bookstore.  Can you tell us more
about TACO.  Why are you using the book ART & PHYSICS?

Can you send us additional information about what you do? We are
glad to communicate with other groups.  If you have literature,
etc.  you can fax it to 305-463-8989 or snail mail to The
Theosophical Society in Miami & South Florida, 831 S.E.  9th
Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 Tel:305-420-0908.  We will
respond in kind.

Is the book reference: ART AND PHYSICS by Leonard Shlain (New
York: William Morrow, 1991)? We didn't have it in our Branch
library, but found it in the local Broward County library system.

This message seems more appropriate to Theos-Buds but the traffic
is all on Theos-l.  Sorry, if its not your cup of tea.

Having a wonderful time.  Wish I were here.

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