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Martin to Jerry H-E

Jan 07, 1995 01:10 PM
by euser

To Jerry H-E,

To round off this discussion about facing the past in the TS's, I
think it would be very useful if those participants on this list,
which are involved with Pasadena and Point Loma respectively,
would try to persuade some of their TS fellows to face each other
or maybe take part on this list in order to learn to communicate
with each other.  That would be great.

As for the Dutch situation, you know that I left the Point Loma-
The Hague society a couple of years ago, for exactly the same
reasons as universally seem to apply: lack of the Spirit of
Brotherhood.  I will not describe the events that triggered my
and other's leaving the t.s.  except for mentioning the lawsuits
from that t.s.  against the innocent widow of DJP Kok and the
sectarian view of Theosophy rampant there.  How can we be
surprised that TS's have so little effect on this world?

Now I'm involved with a small group of others who also
voluntarily cancelled their memberships and for the first time
there is some *real* atmosphere of brotherhood (i.e.  for the
first time after the death of DJP Kok).  We may very well start
associating ourselves with certain other Theosophical
organizations, typically small organizations of people with much
goodwill.  So, I have some hope for a better future regarding
Theosophy - albeit we have to work _very_ hard for it in order to
make it effective.

Best wishes,


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