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Martin to Jerry H-E

Jan 04, 1995 11:01 AM
by euser


I guess the CWL debate has triggered my response.

I was not sure whether you knew about the mess in Point
Loma/Pasadena societies.  But I see you know about it.  Liesel
might feel a little bit comforted by the idea that the other
societies have their own record of incidents.

I agree in principle that a knowledge of the history of the TS's
could be useful - if one learns the necessary lessons from it.
On second thought, if one refuses to face the past, then the old
images of that past will haunt you.  Having faced the past and
learned your lesson, then it's time to proceed in a more mature
way.  I think that's what was on my mind when I wrote my last
letter.  Not getting stuck in the past.

Regarding KT I think she probably had clairvoyant powers, but
that doesn't imply that she was a trance medium.  I still wonder
however why she changed the bylaws of her TS.

I know Crosbie left the Point Loma society at a later stage.  You
say he was expelled.  For what reason?

As to the Long/Hartley controversy, I would strongly suggest to
the people involved that they come together and reconciliate.
But I guess there's little chance that that will happen.

One of the reasons I wrote my last mail, was to point out that
there are very strong characteristics dominating the Theosophical
Societies, preventing or blocking cooperation.  If more people
from several societies were to participate on this list, it could
have a benificial effect in clearing some of the messes of the
past.  Couldn't you try to get some more of these people involved
with this list?

Martin Euser

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