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GR reply from Don DeG.

Jan 04, 1995 06:30 AM
by Donald DeGracia


Thanks for the post about the new GR ideas.  I'll have to keep my
eyes open for these.

Just a quick comment about:

<The Theosophists usually have figured that the "unknown" mass
was a form of Energy as Consciousness.  the problem has gotten
worse for Physicists, but better for the Theosophical approach
that there are "other" planes of matter (perhaps very DARK matter

If you look at the properties of dark matter as postulated by
physisicts, these properties tally very well with the
theosophical idea of etheric matter.  Dark matter is invisible to
regular physical matter except in terms of gravitational
interaction.  Etheric matter could be construed in this fashion.
Remember, the 3 visible physical subplanes are only 3 of the 7.
There are 4 layers/subplanes of physical matter that are
invisible as well and this is the etheric matter.  It seems to me
that physicists have discovered the need to postulate these
etheric subplanes.

Take care,


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