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Martin to JRCECON

Jan 06, 1995 12:08 PM
by euser

To jrcecon:

-First: I got your E-mail.  If you can add more to my defense of
HPB, then don't hesitate to write it down; we can use it for a
FAQ or kind of standard document about this issue of

-Second: Your post regarding transforming the TS's/ carrying
Theosophy into the next century is worthy a BIG discussion.

For now, I have some stray thoughts which might be of some value
to this discussion.

1.  The rigid mental structure of many of the people involved in
current Theosophical organizations prevent essential change.
There's a key point here.  If Theosophy has to become a living,
dynamic factor in society, what is needed for that? In my
opinion: the *essential* requirement is that people start 'living
the life', that theosophists become living embodiments of the
principle of Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Essential Connection or
whatever you want to call it.  Practice instead of preaching.
This is the original idea behind the founding of the T.S.

Note, that large numbers of people are not a prerequisite for
this core of Brotherhood; rather it is the *quality* of practice
that is involved.  Even _one_ inspired human being can do a great
deal of good for society.  Remember Walt Lipman, who developed
the 'philosophy for children'-program?

What conclusion can we draw from this? Maybe this: our
attachments to our frustrations prevent us from opening up to the
Inner Light.  Let the Light flow through you, just do what you
have to do, what you feel is good for you to do or to engage in.
Don't you see that there are many Theosophists, not in name,
maybe they don't even know the term, but in reality, working in
other organizations, practising Brotherhood daily, trying to do
their best for the welfare of others?

We have to uncover our own core - our heart - to let go of
expectations of others.  We have to do it ourselves.  By 'it' I
mean the factual practice of charity - love thy neighbour.
Experiencing this Force and then radiate out to others - isn't
that what Theosophy is all about?

But again, changing the molds of thinking can be a painful
process.  A slow process too.  But we have to try it - just by
doing what we feel is right.

2.  Let's proceed our analysis.  What is Theosophy? Is it to be
found only in the Theosophical organizations? Or maybe, just
maybe, is it to be found right there where the Spirit is alive,
where Enthousiasm is present, a dynamic, powerful force working
to reshape the lives of many ? I guess you know the answer.
Then, put your energy to use in that kind of organizations where
you feel you have a role to play.  Do anything that suits *your*
character at this time.  Inside or outside the T.S.  Or both.
You can meet the most amazing people - maybe they look very
common - and instantly recognize the Spirit at work in them.

3.  Theosophical truths are also core truths in religions and
(partly) in science.  So..why not work along that line? Some

- interreligious dialogue: you are already participating in that,
so you know about the work of Bruce Schuman, one part of which is
comparitive religious study and setting up databases, etc.  He
can use some good help - and there are many ways to do so.

- interface-building between science and Theosophy.  Particular
challenging for scientifically involved Theosophists.  Developing
and applying wholistic concepts could well be a key to the

- community work.  A great field is wide open, only limited by
the limits of our imagination.

Well, what do you think?

Truth, Love, Peace

Martin Euser

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