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Jan 06, 1995 11:44 AM
by William Allen

I got the following reply from PBS regarding OCCULT REICH.  I
don't suppose it clears up much, but the people at PBS at least
seem willing to help locate the producer if they know more about
the showing.  Appears not to have been shown by PBS nationally.


> Date sent:      Fri, 06 Jan 1995 14:12:00 -0500 (EST)
> From: 
> Subject:        OCCULT REICH

I never mind helping viewers, so it's not a problem.
Unfortunately, I am unable to find any reference regarding OCCULT
REICH -- I'm presuming that this was the name of the program.

PBS is a membership organization, owned and operated by the 346
public television stations across the country.  The public
television stations are operated independently.  We provide
programming and other services to the stations.  The stations are
free to obtain programs from other distributors and independent
producers without coming through us.  They also produce and air
programs on a local level.

My best guess is that a station either bought the program from
another distributor or it was produced and shown on a local level
versus national.  Do you have any clue as to what city the
program was viewed? I don't have access to the theos-1 group, or
I would post there.  If you can find out where the program was
shown, I'd be more than willing to pick up the trail from there
and try and locate the producer for you.

Sorry I'm not much help.  Any additional information you could
provide would be most appreciated.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dana Tilghman

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