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theos-roots/ cwl debate

Jan 01, 1995 12:16 PM
by John Mead

> (from Daniel)
> Thanks John for the clairification concerning the 4 forums. This
> was unclear in my own mind. But I suspect others might have been
> confused too.

I suspect that this "option" has always been confusing to most
people. You have to experience one of the debates (like CWL) to
apperciate why they were created. :-)

> I hope everyone on the Net will look over these 4 forums and
> decide what's appropriate for them.
> Brenda T and Liesel had stated that they did not like these
> discussions and really didn't want to take part in these
> historical controversy discussions.

actually, when stuff gets on people's nerves it is a good time to
politely suggest that the discussion be moved to another list
more appropriate (like Theos-Roots or Theos-Buds). People have
to use the other lists for them to be used :-)

> My questions are: In what forum was the "CWL" debate occurring?
> Theos-Roots?

it was in theos-L.

My feeling is that after the initial couple exchanges, it would
have been better placed in Theos-Roots. I personally tend to let
the list(s) evolve naturally, *else* I get accused of trying to
*manage* people's thoughts for them. I find it challenging
enough just to manage *my own* thoughts!

I might add that one can set any list to send e-mail in "digest"
form. Hence, you then get 1 or 2 mailings a day, each piece of
mail is more like a magazine. The first page lists the subject
headers of all of the messages contained within that piece of
mail (the mail is attached - concatenated). hence -- you can
glance at the first page and then decide to read it or just
delete the whole d*mn package. That way you can *stay* on and
monitor a list, but stuff of little interest gets bundled
together so you can toss out the junk mail.

peace --

john mead

p.s. if a topic is getting overly boring to people, feel free to
suggest that they move it to one of the other lists. I'm sure
the people involved would respond reasonably.

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