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Historical Research Puzzle No. 1

Jan 01, 1995 04:22 PM

In the Chronological Survey (p. xxv) of Vol. VII of H.P.B.'s
COLLECTED WRITINGS, the following item is listed under the date
of Jan. or Feb. [1886]:

"Sinnetts visit H.P.B. at Wurzburg. Stay three weeks; they are
there at the same time as Nadyezhda A. de Fadeyev and `the
Soloviovs.' Sinnett goes over dates, etc. for his INCIDENTS;
they agree on the title (ED., 83-84) Apparently Sinnett leaves
first; Mrs. S. stays longer. H.P.B. completes a considerable
portion of Vol. I of S.D., and plans to send it to Adyar (ODL.,
III, 366)."

Can you consult the sources mentioned and verify (or falsify) the
Jan.-Feb., 1886 date?

HINT: Pay special attention to the ODL source. Read several
pages of the text from ODL for an important hint!

First person with correct answer (please include sources
consulted, etc) wins a copy of WHEN WE DIE by Geoffrey Farthing
(new 2nd edition). If you already have a copy, please donate to
your local library.

I hope everyone likes "puzzles"!


Daniel H. Caldwell
P.O. Box 1844
Tucson, Arizona 85702

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