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developing occult powers

Jan 01, 1995 10:49 AM
by John Mead

Jerry S. -

I was pleased to see you speak up on this subject. It has often
been one of much contention on the list.

Since Dr. Stephen Hoeller is coming to Charlotte this month I
have been reviewing a few of his books lately. In the process, I
also reviewed a tape (audio lecture) of his titled "The Tao of
Freedom", presented at Wheaton/Olcott (summer 1992). Among
various other ideas, he discussed the (im)balance within the
history of Freedom from the aspect of religious freedom. A
Liberal religion, allowing each individual to evolve their own
belief, versus a Puritanical religion which dictates Doctrine,
morals, etc. The two are forever at odds through history. The
tendency through history is that the original teacher/prophet of
a religion is usually an independent thinker who (re)creates
ideas and opposes the current Dogmas, only to have the new
religion/ideas pass on through disciples who then systematize it
into a new Puritanistic or Doctrinal belief. One "core" issue is
how to avoid this in the Theosophical movement. I forget who
coined the term Theoso-fossils, but humor is often a freedom of
last resort.

With this concept in mind, the argument that psychic powers
should not be developed (by intention) seems to be a position
which attempts to doctrinize a particular belief. Actually
several legitimate, ancient schools exist whose very path and
teaching are of active psychic development. Jerry S. mentioned
several. Indeed, meditation itself is an action which develops
these powers very naturally. Hence, it can only be a discussion
involving the *degree* of intention and action which may be at
issue. These are very personal decisions best left to the
informed student and their ishvara. No specific rule can be
relied upon, and specific suggestions are really just that, i.e.

peace -

john mead

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