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Thanks John Mead

Jan 01, 1995 10:20 AM

Thanks John for the clairification concerning the 4 forums. This
was unclear in my own mind. But I suspect others might have been
confused too.

I hope everyone on the Net will look over these 4 forums and
decide what's appropriate for them.

My postings was prompted by various remarks by Jerry H-E, Paul,
Brenda T. and Liesel.

Brenda T and Liesel had stated that they did not like these
discussions and really didn't want to take part in these
historical controversy discussions.

My questions are: In what forum was the "CWL" debate occurring?
Theos-Roots? A suggestion: Maybe those who aren't that interested
in history and are too sensitive to "controversial" subjects
should cancel membership in Theos- Roots and those members who
want to discuss history and controversial aspects should send
their postings to Theos-Roots only.

This is only a suggestion and I'm not pointing the finger at
anybody. But some of the postings I've read seemed full of
negativitiy, anger, etc. Nothing is being postively accomplished
and little is being learned abot the con- troversail subjects
being discussed.

I may be way off base but I think my suggestion has some merits
and I hope everyone on the Theos Net will thoughfullly consider

Also, thanks Jerry S. for your posting today in reply to Eldon
T. Many of your comments are well taken.

Daniel Caldwell

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