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re: proposal

Jan 01, 1995 09:12 AM
by John Mead

> > the possibility of having a Theosophical History Forum on
> > Internet. Can it be done John Mead?

> > Daniel

that is precisely the intent of Theos-Roots, to carry on
meaningful discussions of the historical Roots of the movement.
Hopefully, in a more academic and in depth manner than what one
gets on Theos-L. The Roots list is a big chunk of clay provided
for all the Historical Sculptors. It is already automatically
archived, by the way. (so is Buds).

just send e-mail to: rather than most people are subscribed to it, but some
choose not to. There are some of us who find history a bit too
repetitive, or even old. :-)

IMPORTANT:   ALL should feel free to use ANY OF THEM!  :-)

peace -

john mead

p.s. attached -- an excerpt from the "info theos-roots" file
available from the listserver. perhaps I worded it poorly --

(Buds and Roots symbolize the different aspects of the evolving
Theosophical Tree of Knowledge).

(Excerpt follows)

The four discussion lists have their own specific aspects within
the ongoing evolutions of Theosophy. Their brief charters


This lists serves the Universal Village of Theosophists. No
topic is too profound, too insignificant, too old, too new, or
too used. Here we find our community of ideas and friends.


This list is for the dissemination of News-items only. If you
are a reclusive Hermit, you will love this list. No discussions
Please. Just send announcements. News on Conferences, Lectures,
(news) of Theosophists, (news) about Theosophists, and possibly a
prayer, or meditation, or poem. Please send comments and
responses elsewhere, or in private mail.


This list is meant to (un)cover the Roots of Theosophy. History,
Existant writings, or discussions on distinctions and nuances of
ideas and interpretations. As the old growth of the tree of life
sends the sap to the new buds, here we savor these sources of
wisdom. An inferrent branch of the Movement in evolution. Look
within to see where you come from and where people have been.


The Commencement of the Theosophical Movement. Evolution, Future
trends, Movement, Growth, and even pruning. Here we discuss
ideas within the emmergent growth of the Theosophical Movement.
The efferent movement of the evolution of Theosophy. Here we
discuss our misfourtune of living in interesting times.


All "Theosophists" are welcome regardless of any formal
membership within any "Society".

you subscribe to all in the same way as to Theos-l, send a msg to containing

subscribe Theos-roots your-name

of course, some may want to send

signoff Theos-roots your-name

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