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A Proposal

Dec 31, 1994 07:37 PM

It seems to me that a number of people on Theos-l are not really
interested in Theosophical history.  That's fine! But are there
others on the net who are interested in pursuing serious
discussion and even investigation of various historical
"incidents", etc.  in Theosophical history? If so, maybe John
Mead would be willing to open up another forum called something
like Theos-hist.  In this forum members would resolve to put
their emotions and hysterics aside and would pursue various
intensive discussions/investigation into various aspects of
Theosophical history.  The focus would be on reasoning, examining
evidence, analysis of source documents, etc.

The forum would be the Internet equivalent of the hardcopy
"Theosophical Journal."

Criticisms would be directed towards an individual's theory and
NOT against his/her personality.  An example: (Excuse me Paul for
using you as an example) When Paul Johnson published his book IN
SEARCH OF THE MASTERS a few years ago, Paul was subjected to alot
of personal criticism.  He was even accused of being a "Jesuit"
or under the influence of "dugpas." The focus of criticism should
have been Paul's theories as found in his book.  His theories,
his research are fair game for criticism.  Of course, since Paul
"created" his brain children (the various theories, etc), he
might feel that to attack and criticize his "theories" is to
personally attack him.  But I hope everyone can see the
distinction.  I believe Paul does.

Another example: My friend, Dr.  David Christopher Lane, has
written a book exposing the "fraud" of Eckankar (founded by Paul
Twitchell).  Over the last decade or so, he has been vilified by
members of said organization.  Darwin Gross (former Master of
said group) even claimed that David Lane was an instrument or
tool of Kal [Satan or the Devil].  His thesis and research has
never been shown to be faulty or wrong.

Is anybody interested in such an Internet "Theosophical History"?

Historical research and investigation into Theosophical History
is not necessarily a Theosophical activity.  Maybe even the
Masters of HPB could care less about such research, etc.  Even if
that was the case, I believe serious research in Theosophical
history is a vital necessity and needs to be encouraged.  Can we
leave our emotions and "cherished" opinions aside, and open our
minds to new "insights"? Be willing to listen and carefully
consider "evidence", "theories", etc.  that are contradictory to
our own beliefs? Each one of us might learn something! And maybe
even some of our beliefs might have to be discarded or radically
modified.  Growth is sometimes painful!

One of my best friends believes Madame Blavatsky was a fraud, her
Masters are figments of her imagination, and Theosophy is
worthless.  But in detailed discussions, etc.  with my friend I
have learned a great deal, especially about historical research,
etc.  These discussions (also involving ongoing research) over a
period of 10 years have been quite helpful to me.

People need to learn how to listen....really listen and be
willing to explore in depth, in detail "ideas", "theories", etc.
Of course, some Theosophists may pooh-pooh all of this as
"intellectual", Manas only activity, but the world is a big
place.  "One persons's food is another person's poison." and vice

I've rambled on too long.  I'd like to heard other people's
opinions on the possibility of having a Theosophical History
Forum on Internet.  Can it be done John Mead?


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