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Devas and Elementals

Dec 31, 1994 08:48 PM
by Dara Eklund

Dear Eldon:

I enjoyed your discussion of elementals and devas, emphasizing
the necessity to skip no kingdom in our evolutionary spiral.
H.P.B.  warned about worshipping the Devas, or becoming too
intimate with them.  It brought back a memory from my childhood,
when my brother and I used to feel we could see elementals
sitting on the bus stop benches as we drove along.  We visualized
them in the form of little elves, etc.  Later, I thought they
were the little bubble-like spheres you could see floating in the
air.  However, if we told our mother that the elementals hid
something we had lost, she would always caution: "Don't blame the
elementals!" Speaking of bubbles: HAPPY CIVIC NEW YEAR,

Best to all peregrinating entities,


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